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Toolchefs Atoms Crowd v2.0.5
Software » 3D | автор: SonyQ (12.08.18)
Toolchefs Atoms Crowd v2.0.5
Program Name: Atoms Crowd v2.0.5
Program Type: Autodesk Maya & Houdini Plug-In | Crowd Simulation
Developer: Toolchefs LTD
Homepage: _
Release Date: 11.08.2018
Interface Language: English
Platform: Maya 2015 - 2017 / Houdini 16 / Arnold 4.x / Renderman 20.x, 21.x / V-Ray 3.5x, 3.6x / Katana 2.5, 2.6, 3.0 | 64-bit ONLY
File Size: 90.76Mb / 168.25Mb / 29.14Mb

Atoms Crowd - система моделирования толпы. Atoms Crowd основана на скелетной анимации, модулях и расширяема с помощью C++ или Python. Atoms Crowd не полагается на какой-либо программный пакет для работы с трёхмерной графикой. Мы интегрировали Atoms Crowd в Maya и Houdini.
Atoms Crowd также поддерживает Arnold, Renderman и V-Ray.

Инструкция по активации на Русском языке прилагается, см. 'install_ru.txt'

Atoms Crowd is a crowd simulation framework. Atoms Crowd is skeleton based, modular and extendable via c++ or python. Atoms Crowd does not rely on any 3D package. We have integrated Atoms Crowd into Maya and Houdini.
Atoms Crowd supports already VRay, Renderman and Arnold.

Why Atoms Crowd?
Atoms Crowd is:
• Easy to use. Anyone can use Atoms Crowd when it comes to simulating, even people with very limited crowd knowledge. This is because Atoms Crowd is completely user driven, artists can in fact decide what to do with any of their agents at any time, from deviating their directions to modifying their positions or poses. No AI will take decisions for you. Artist familiar with crowd concepts might be needed for building your crowd show/shot environment (i.e. agent definitions, animation clips).
• Customizable and extendable. You can extend Atoms Crowd with C++ and python. The python bindings match completely the C++ side. You can access any kind of information during the simulation, write your own exporters, create your behaviours etc. Having this flexibility makes easy both to integrate Atoms Crowd in your current workflow and extend it if you find that the software is lacking a particular feature you really need for delivering a show.
• Skeleton based simulation. We fully simulate the agent skeletons (no particles) to achieve the best animation quality.
• Multi-software support. Thanks to its structure, Atoms Crowd can work on multiple softwares and support other technologies, such as render engines. Currently Atoms Crowd supports Houdini and Maya, but it's easy to make it work with your proprietary technology. For instance, you might already have a rendering workflow you want to keep and that would not be a problem, as you can extract all the relevant information you need from Atoms Crowd at render time and use it with your custom tools.

Atoms Crowd Documentation >>

Atoms Crowd Video Tutorials >>

What's new in v2.0.0:
Features and improvements:
- New state-of-the-art OpenGL draw system. Agent type settings for OpenGL LODs.
- Katana 3 support.
- Cache Exporter is interruptable.
- New agent randomizer tool.
- New agents helper tool.
- New Kill module.
- New ProximityMetadata module.
- New FollowAgent module.
- New ArrowEmitter module.
- Variation tables can store a look file per agent type and preview images for each geometry group.
- FBX exporter exports attribute with the "atoms_" prefix by default, but can be deactivated in the FBX exporter UI.
- The clip being played by the state machine and clip reader modules can be displayed when activating the debug checkbox.
- New expose curve and mesh metadata nodes.
- Documentation for Atoms Crowd nodes available.
- Added progress bar to Variation builder.
- Automatic render instancing and frustum culling.
- New python plugins systems.
- New python hooks: variation filter and custom file browser.
- Mesh loader can be extended.
- Skeleton loader can be extended.
- Added alembic support for reading meshes.
- Added pole vector locator when tagging a foot root.
- Added import, load and save buttons to all tabs in the Atoms UI.
- Foot down data can now be edited directly in the Atoms UI.
- New network nodes for getting and setting joint matrices.
- New network nodes for getting and setting Maya attributes (Maya).
- Cloth Setup now support the wrap deformer (Maya).
- CFX Sim Exporter supports "First" cloth caches when exporting groom cache and dynamic curve alembics (Maya).
- DG node for reading cloth caches (Maya).
- Added blend shape support to CFX simulation exporter (Maya).
- New agent group widget for module list metadatas (Maya).
- Added percentage sliders for point layout UI (Maya).
- Drag and drop attributes from the outliner to connect them with the module metadatas (Maya).
- Multiple selection is now supported in the module list (Maya).
- Support for more than one xgen collection per description (Maya).
- Support to serialized groom data inside the variation table
- Added mesh filters to the variation table
- Added path filters (C++ only)
- Added support to Arnold 5.1.1.X
- Added renderman 22 procedural
Bug Fixes:
- UV coordinates are not being re-evaluated for each follicle when building the CFX scene (Maya).
- Atoms UI does not break if the event name contains white spaces in GUI mode.
- Houdini skeleton animation exporter used to fail if a ground mesh was not used as input.
- State machine editor now only display the registered animation clip events.
- Fixed an issue with alembic sub-sampling and xgen.
- Fixed an issue with katana when expanding all agent geos.

Release includes:
for Maya, Arnold, Renderman, V-Ray
for Houdini 16
for Katana 2.5, 2.6, 3.0

Platform Requirements
- Microsoft Windows
Video Card supported
- Any NVidia video card. You might get the following error depending on your drivers. In case you do, please set the ATOMS_GLSL_DISABLE_LIGHTS environment variable (defined in your Maya module) to 1.
0(490) : error C5208: Sampler needs to be a uniform (global or parameter to main), need to inline function or resolve conditional expression
- AMD video cards will only show agents in skeleton and proxy mode.
3D Packages supported
- Maya 2015 (windows only), 2016, 2016.5, 2017 (64 bit)
- Houdini 15.x, 16.x
Rendering engines
- Arnold 4.x, 5.x
- Renderman 20.x, 21.x
- V-Ray 3.5x, 3.6x

Toolchefs.Atoms.Crowd.v2.0.5.for.Maya-AMPED [Cracked RLM & License file]>>>>

Toolchefs Atoms Crowd v1.15.0 for Houdini 16 [Cracked RLM & License file]>>>>

Toolchefs.Atoms.Crowd.v2.0.5.for.Katana-AMPED [Cracked RLM & License file]>>>>

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